Researching the world of the digital generation

Research in progress

Alphie, the child-friendly mobile

Alphie is an educational app, a mobile agent which aims to achieve a positive change in children’s behavior and social-cognitive skills while also helping parents to control their child's digital activity.

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Storytelling and creativity

We are interested in how the intensity of visualization in digital storybooks and the social context of storytelling affect children's creativity, fantasy and imagination.

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Digital measurement of socio-cognitive skills

Developing digital versions of socio-cognitive tests that allows flexible testing at home and modernize psychological research.

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Mobile habits and measurement of skills

In this research, we measure and follow up on children’s mobile touchscreen device habits as well as cognitive and social skills.

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A presentation by Caroline Fitzpatrick, a famous researcher, on digital device use by children and adolescents

Caroline Fitzpatrick, professor at Université de Sherbrooke (Canada) and a visiting research fellow at the University of Johannesburg. She is also a Tier II...


Visit at the summer camp

We went to the summer camp of the National Talent Center, where we showed the kids what we are up to in the Alpha Generation Lab. We did some symbol...


Alphie is available in the Google Play Store!

Our game application for children, Alphie can be downloaded for free! The application, developed by psychologists, biologists and IT specialists at the Alpha...


A comment related to the WHO recommendation about screen time under the age of 5

The recently published WHO (World Health Organization) recommendation about the amount of time spent in front of the screen (tv, tablet, phone) is widespread....


Children using mobile devices pay attention more on details, than global picture

In our recent study journalist of Dívány participated with her daughter. She shared their experiences in an...


Researcher of the week: our coworker, Veronika Konok

Magazine Life and Science asked our coworker, Veronika Konok about her research activity. She talked about her work in the Alpha Generation Lab, as well :)...


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