Researching the world of the digital generation

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Good Mobile

Playful set of applications/launcher specially designed for children based on state-of-the art scientific findings, aiding the conscious use of mobile touchscreen devices, while developing multiple skills.

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The predictive mind

How does the mind of a child unconsciously decide what circumstances, stimuli from the environment are relevant and which are not? Which are important in evaluating certain situations and which could be disregarded to prevent a possible overload?

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Children using mobile devices pay attention more on details, than global picture

In our recent study journalist of Dívány participated with her daughter. She shared their experiences in an article.


Researcher of the week: our coworker, Veronika Konok

Magazine Life and Science asked our coworker, Veronika Konok about her research activity. She talked about her work in the...


Alpha Generation Lab open day and playground

On the open day of Alpha Generation Lab children could play with digital and traditional educational games. Meanwhile parents shared...


Talk in the 3rd district baby and mom club

Budapest, 3rd district baby and mom club invited Alpha Generation Lab to speak about digital childhood. In an interactive talk...


Games in virtuality and reality - Researchers' Night 2018

Alpha Generation Lab participated in Researchers’ Night with a playful event for preschoolers. They could play online and offline bubble...


How digital world changes our brain?

You will know from our article published in Dívány, what is Google effect, how reversed socialization works, which benefits could...


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