COVID and Mobile Device Usage in Young Children

In our research, we compare the mobile device usage habits and cognitive and social skills of children who spent their preschool years during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research Objective

The Covid restrictions, including quarantine, remote learning, telecommuting, periodic closure of kindergartens, and limited face-to-face interactions, may have had an impact on preschoolers, who are in the most sensitive stage of socialization. The aim of our research is to assess, monitor, and compare mobile device use (smartphones and tablets) and cognitive and social development between periods before, during, and after the pandemic. The survey of children's mobile device usage habits is conducted through an online questionnaire and with the help of a monitoring application developed by our research group (“Manó Napló”). The playful assessment of children's socio-cognitive skills is also performed using an online test we developed, combined with video calls.

Funding Source: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, MTA Post-COVID 2021-50

Ethical approval for the research: EPKEB/2021-85 and 2019/17

COVID and Mobile Device Usage in Young Children

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