Effects of mobile devices on the cognitive skills of preschoolers

In a recent study we investigated whether preschoolers who use mobile touch screen devices (tablet, smartphone) regularly and those who do not use these devices are different in certain cognitive, emotional or fine motor skills.

Owing to their usability, tablets and smartphones are used by an increasingly greater number of children and at an increasingly younger age. As the use of these devices takes time away from other activities (like social activities, play, etc.) yet offer a different type of sensory and motor stimulation than traditional games, such use may influence attentional and emotional development.

We invited 4.5-6 year-old children with their parents to participate in our study: 20 of whom were frequent tablet/smartphone users and 20 of whom did not use such devices. We gave children playful tests which measured attentional, social-emotional and fine motor skills. The data analysis is in progress, you can read about the results here soon.