Digital time

As our previous research shows, more than half of preschoolers regularly use some type of digital device. How does this ratio compare among school-aged children, and exactly how much time do children spend with these devices?

Research Objective

Building on our earlier study from 2016, which revealed that more than half of preschoolers regularly use some type of digital device (e.g., tablet, smartphone), we aim to determine this ratio among school-aged children and precisely quantify the time children spend with these devices.

When measuring digital device usage, we primarily rely on two methods: parental reports about the digital activities of their children and the data logged by the device itself. In our research, we utilize both sources for more accurate results. Additionally, we compare how similar the outcomes are between the two methods, assessing whether parents have a good insight into their child's digital habits. During the study, we use a background-running application to measure the duration and intervals at which a child plays/ uses the device, as well as the specific applications they use. The results are evaluated at the group level, and individual participant data is not disclosed.

The research is conducted within the framework of the RRF-2.3.1-21-2022-00004 – Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory grant.

Digital time

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