Our two-year research, entitled “Early detection of developmental disorders and skill development by a mobile application that encourages movement and automatic movement analysis”, is carried out within the framework of a special grant for research teams with significant international impact and outstanding results (Diagnostics and Therapy – ELTE Insititutional Excellence Program).

The project aims to develop a game application named SensKid, that motivates children to exercise and gives a notification to the parent if the child’s motion differs from the typical development. Motion of children with ASD and ADHD is different from the typical developing peers, therefore based on motion data collection and analysis developmental disorders could be predicted. This allows the availability of an earlier diagnosis and then an earlier training of the delayed skills leading to better outcomes and better quality of life. The game app could also train the motion skills of the users in a child-friendly manner.

Diagnostics and Therapy – ELTE Insititutional Excellence Program